brandnewtype® is an independent type & typography design studio.Through a collaborative approach we work with different experts in the field to create customised design solutions for brands and publications across industry. brandnewtype® actively engages with research, education and outreach by means of studies, workshops and conferences to develop and share a deep understanding of type, typography and design from a cultural, historical, traditional, trends and technological perspective.

Our core team has a collective experience of over 30 years and have worked with some of the leading organisations, brands and intitutions including Google, Microsoft, Adobe, Daalton Maag, Tiro Typeworks, TypeNetwork, National Geographic Channel, World Policy Journal, Alliance Française to name a few.

Anand Naorem
Partner & Co-Founder

A graphic designer, typographer, typeface designer, Naorem has worked in the area of brand identity, editorial and typeface design for both print and the web. He has been commissioned by prestigious clients including Dorling Kindersley (India), The British Council Library (India), National Geographic Channel (India), Microsoft (India), Alliance Française (India), Nestle (India), Pebble Road (Singapore), I Wish World (UK), World Policy Journal (USA) and Google Inc. A graduate of the National Institute of Design, India, Naorem attended Type@Cooper program at the Cooper Union, New York City.

Neelakash Kshetrimayum
Partner & Co-Founder

A typeface and graphic designer, Neelakash has worked on different Indic script projects with Adobe, Google, Tiro Typeworks and Dalton Maag. A graduate of the National Institute of Design, India, he started out focused on print media in his work with a wide range of organizations. It was through these early design projects that Neelakash discovered his interest in type. This led him to pursue a MA in Typeface Design at the University of Reading, where he was awarded the 2010 Monotype Studentship and graduated with distinction the same year.

We are always seeking to collaborate, discuss and share. If you would like to know more about us, our projects or if you have any interesting ideas to share, do drop us a line at