TypeFusion 2018

A multi-script typeface design & development workshop for design students

National Institute of design

TypeFusion aims to address the challenges of multi-lingual typography by looking at how to develop multi-script typefaces in the present-day context using modern tools and technologies. Alphabets or letterforms are not inanimate objects or symbols, they are important carriers of history, tradition, and heritage. Especially when dealing with multi-lingual typography, it is important and necessary that we understand the history and tradition of different scripts involved and are presented appropriately. Like with fusion music where different musical instruments and traditions come together to create a fresh harmony, multi-lingual typography too, need to strike the right chord to work!



• Brief history writing, alphabets, calligraphy, lettering
• Evolution of typefaces – a timeline
• Influences, Inspirations, case studies
• Script traditions – Latin vs Indic


• Basics of typeface design – from sketch to screen
• Tools – introduction to modern development tools like Glyphs, Robofont
• Multi-script type design – with a focus on Latin & Indic scripts (Devanagari, Bengali)
• Understanding context (Design for a brief) – Display, Text, Experimental
• Developing of an original multi-script typeface (Latin + one Indic script)
• Introduction to basic OpenType features


• Visual communication students with prior knowledge of typefaces and typography are recommended
• Familiarity with Adobe Creative Suite is recommended, particularly vector drafting 


• Laptop computer with the Macintosh operating system (preferable)
• RoboFont or Glyphs software (30 Days trial licensing available online)
• Adobe InDesign or other page layout software
• Additional materials for workshops – drawing tools, sketchbook etc.


2 Weeks


Participants will have a good understanding of typeface design history, methods and practices with an added knowledge about the Indian script traditions. Based on this understanding, the participants are expected to develop their own industry standard original multi-script typeface (Latin+ 1 Indic) which will be limited to a basic character set. The participants will be well-informed to take forward their interest in typeface design further after the workshop.

Participants during the TypeFusion 2018 at the National Institute of Design
Lettering exercise during the TypeFusion 2018 at the National Institute of Design
Participants during the TypeFusion 2018 at the National Institute of Design
Some of the multi-script typefaces developed during the 2 week workshop