Hoogli Bengali

A casual, low contrast Bengali typeface

Google Inc.

Hoogli is a casual, low contrast, rounded Bengali text typeface developed based on continuous writing style using round nib tool. The large counters and its balanced proportions make the typeface ideal for easy reading on screen as well as on print. The rounded terminals and the loops give the typeface a unique personality while creating a distinctive overall texture.

The Brief

To develop a low contrast Bengali text typeface based on the existing ‘Modular Infotech Bengali No. 1583 and No. 1585’ which follows a casual handwritten style with a round nib tool. The new design will involve redrawing the outlines of all the glyphs, correcting the proportions, refinement of spacing etc. The typeface will be based on handwritten text style which will incorporate elements such as loops, curves and rounded terminals etc. as design features. The typeface will be developed primarily for web usage.