Type & Typography

An introduction to type & typography for design students

National Institute of Design

The primary objective of the Type and Typography module include Introduction to letterforms, its history, and evolution to the typefaces we use today. To explore and understand the basic elements, principles of typography and their applications in visual design.



Evolution of letterforms, alphabets and history of typeface from 15th – 21st Century (Presentation & discussion)
Requirement: Video Projector


Understanding the Latin letterforms through hand lettering exercise

Material required:
• Plain A3 sheets
• Drawing boards with clips or paper masking tapes
• Gel pens, markers or ball pens (black ink)
• 2b, 4b, 6b pencils and erasers
• Ruler and T-square
• 1/2 inch & 1 inch flat and round paint brushes with non-waterproof ink (black)
• White out correction pens

DAY 3 (first half)

Typography exercises:
• Exploring basics of typesetting
• Choosing typefaces
• Developing styles
• Creating typographic hierarchy

• Mac or Windows computers
• Adobe Indesign, Illustrator and Photoshop
• Access to laser printer

DAY 3 (second half)

Final design assignment  – Develop a brief and design one of the following:
• A2/A3 Poster
• Broadsheet/Tabloid Newspaper front page
• A4/A5 Brochure
• Logo + stationery (letterhead, business card, envelop)

DAY 4 (full day)

Final design assignment 

DAY 5 (first half)

Final design assignment
• Finalise design
• Take colour print
• Make mock-up

DAY 5 (second half)

Final design assignment:
• Presentation, discussion, feedback & evaluation

Basic hand-lettering exercise to construct roman lowercase and capitals
Feild visit to introduce traditional printing and typesetting techniques
Display and discussion of final project posters
Some of the final posters designed using letterforms developed during the workshop